This September is a rock band from Baltimore, consisting of guitarist Mike McCulloch, bassist Sam Philipp, drummer Jeremy Fleming, and vocalist Ron Rose.

Formed in 2012, the band brings together their diverse influences to deliver a unique blend of rock 'n roll, shifting from jazz, funk, and blues, to metal, punk, and hip hop. While performing regularly in the Baltimore area, This September has consistently brought an engaging live experience to fans from a wide variety of musical styles. The band seeks to shine a light on their more obscure influences with compelling arrangements that explore each member's stylistic strengths, while still creating an approachable listening experience for fans of all genres.

Their debut album "Space Food" was released on August 30th 2016, and the band continued their work to with two supporting music videos.  

In December 2016, the band released a music video for "Moneyshot" - a new song from a

forthcoming EP.  Two weeks later, on December 28th, the band released that EP: "2808".

Throughout 2017, the band has gotten back into the studio and in front of the camera.  They've released videos for "Hunger Pains", Girlfriend", and "Kings and Queens". 

Their newest EP "Middletown" released on January 9th, 2018.  Check it out on your favorite music service!